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Big Sugar returns to the stage with a new show and lineup. After the tragic death of longtime bassist Garry Lowe in 2018, bandleader Gordie Johnson spent the past 4 years reimagining Big Sugar and is proud to announce new bassist, Ben Lowe, the 22 year old son of Garry Lowe. “Our music has always been about roots and culture and this is a perfect piece of that evolution. You can hear Big Sugar in Ben’s DNA.” A renewed Big Sugar will also include former tourmates drummer Joe Magistro (Black Crowes, B52s) and Scandinavian indie rock phenom keyboardist Kat Ottosen.

Big Sugar boldly goes forth in 2022 with new music from their latest release "Eternity Now" and vinyl re-issues of their classic albums “Five Hundred Pounds” from Third Man Records, as well as “Hemi-Vision” and “Heated” from Universal Music”.

In the 90s Big Sugar emerged clad in Hugo Boss suits as the antithesis to the grunge esthetic with a unique combination of Jamaican rhythms, Blues tonality and heavy Rock aggression. They dominated the airwaves and highways with songs like “Diggin A Hole,” “The Scene,” “Turn The Lights On” and “Roads Ahead.” Their Roots Rock Reggae style has built a loyal following, earning Big Sugar a 2015 Road Gold Award as they continue to sell out concerts across North America. Gordie Johnson’s guitar playing and album production continue to influence a new generation. 

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