'11 singles


1. If Santa Don't Bring You No

   Funk (ft. Wide Mouth Mason)


Released October 21, 2011.

if santa don't bring you no funk

Single | 2011

A cheeky annual holiday favorite with a twist! Big Sugar featuring Wide Mouth Mason recorded at Phase One Recording Studios, Toronto live off the floor. 

An annual favorite with a twist! Big Sugar featuring Wide Mouth Mason Recorded Sept 2011 at Phase One Studio, Toronto live off the floor with both bands’ equipment fully set up.

Mixed at Pedernales Studio, Spicewood, TX

Backup vocals by Meredith Shaw & Lesia Johnson

Released to radio November 2011.



1. Little Bit A All Right 

little bit a all right

Single | 2011

This crowd favorite is off Big Sugar's comeback album "Revolution Per Minute" and spawned the dub version 'Kensington's Little Bit A All Right'. The video is an extended version with both tracks. 



1. Roads Ahead 02:21

Released June 11, 2011.

roads ahead

Single | 2011

The first single off Big Sugar's 2011 comeback album "Revolution Per Minute" spent over 6 months on top 10 rock radio.



1. Roads Ahead (Pour Toute La

   Vie) 02:21

Released June 11, 2011.

roads ahead (Pour toute la vie)

Single | 2011

ROADS AHEAD (Pour Toute La Vie) – one minute preview by BigSugar

A French version of Big Sugar's radio hit "Roads Ahead".

Released simultaneously with the English version (Roads Ahead) June 2011 which has been Big Sugar’s tradition with all of their radio singles since the first translating ‘Open Up Baby’ off 1996’s Hemivision to ‘Ouvre Toi Bebe’.

Vocal tracks were recorded in Texas at Pedernales Studio with the French vocal coach on Skype from Quebec.


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