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Urban Hero: Gordie, you're playing this coming Thursday at Stonewalls.   Is it part of your promotional tour for Revolution Per Minute?

Gordie Johnson: The show at Stonewalls is a fundraiser for CHML Y108 Children's Fund Charity Concert.   We like to be involved in something like that while on tour because we don't all live in the same city.  It's difficult to get together to do some of these things, so we do it when there's an opportunity. UH: Stonewalls is a small venue and you frequently play in larger venues?  Do you prefer to play in a more intimate setting and have a more intimate rapport with your fans? GJ: Well you know, honestly we just love to play…  But this kind of show, because we play acoustic, will be more intimate.  Big Sugar, Wide Mouth Mason and Meredith Shaw are going to play together. The venue does not determine how much effort we put into a show.

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