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The Storm is already brewing in anticipation for Big Sugar's return to Thunder Bay - NetNews Ledger

Article by Rachel Reed

THUNDER BAY Entertainment - This Sunday November 11th marks the day of our National holiday Remembrance Day but also marks the return of legendary live performers Big Sugar to Thunder Bay.

Netnewsledger's Raechel Reed in a telephone interview with Gordie Johnson had a chance to talk to him about the Tour.

The Eliminate Ya Tour is a 2 disc CD/DVD filmed live in front of a sold out crowd of screaming fans at The Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg. Having remixed the audio and editing the DVD Johnson said we always set a high standard in every show we do. Putting everything together other than 2 songs that didn't get recorded and just a few technical issues here and there I'm really pleased with it and the DVD looks fantastic.

Willie Williams is currently on tour with Big Sugar and Johnson explained his excitement when the Reggae legend came on board for the tour. Willie Williams has been a big inspiration and a major influence on the band since the beginning so I'm happy he's with us.

Are we going to see more of Big Sugar once the tour is over? Johnson says he's currently in 4 bands himself but Big Sugar is always coming out with new material.

We're playing some acoustic based tunes something completely different from our usual, so we're definitely breaking new ground says Johnson.

If you're a huge fan of Big Sugar in Thunder Bay you may spot the boys hanging out at their favorite after hour's bakery in the wee morning winding down to some delicious eats in the heart of the harbor.

Big Sugar plays Live at Crocks Thunder Bay Sunday November 11th and doors open at 8pm. Get there early folks and get ready for the most anticipated concert of the year!!

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