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T-MAK World Interviews Gordie Johnson

November 18, 2012 - This week T-MAK World had the pleasure of talking to Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar (and Grady and Sit Down, Servant!! and Wide Mouth Mason).

GJ: Gordie Johnson

SM: Steve Mallinson

SM: You're on a Canadian tour right now, how's the tour going?
GJ: The tour's doing phenomenal. We've been out promoting the new DVD, we had a new record out last year called Revolution Per Minute, we've had reggae legend Willie Williams out on tour with us, so there's lot of new jams, lots of new music and new vigor for the old stuff at the same time.
SM: So, you're going to be here with Kim Mitchell and April Wine for the 100th Grey Cup Festival at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in a couple weeks. That should be fun. But I didn't see any other Toronto shows on the tour. Are you planning on coming back for any other or is that the one and only for Toronto?

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Article by Stephen Cooke FOR BIG SUGAR, whose reputation is built on the intense power of its live shows centred around the forceful bravado of guitarist frontman Gordie Johnson and anchored by the rh