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ROCK SHOTZ: BIG SUGAR - Rock Source Magazine

Article by SCOTT BURNS

Big Sugar just have that vibe that lets you know you are in the right place. So when we took in their show at the CNE Bandshell Park we just knew it was going to be a good night. 

Playing one of their first shows since losing the gentle man on bass, Garry Lowe, Big Sugar has pressed on and keep bringing the great live sounds because that is the way Garry would have liked it. While they had time to mourn the loss of their dear friend, we can certainly understand the band taking solace and finding healing in playing the music that Garry helped to create and deliver night after night. And on this night, they had it going on. All our favourite Big Sugar songs pulsing out into the summer night is about as good as it gets.

The band was tight and smooth. Gordie Johnson delivering those great guitar sounds and vocals led the band through one of our favourite sets of the summer. Kris Gelder captured them all in action through her lens for The Rock Source, and helps us deliver this instalment of ROCK SHOTZ: Big Sugar. We hope you enjoy the images as much as Kris did making them.

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