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MUSIC PREVIEW: The Stream Must Go On! - Gig City Canada

Article by Mike Ross

There are literally hundreds [of artists] to choose from as this COVID-19 lockdown continues.

Of course it’s going to be weird. Live streams are not even close to the experience of attending a live concert. It may be helpful as you watch to remember that most of them are happening in real time. No retakes. (That Metallica Monday thing? These are PRE-recorded concerts being RE-streamed. DOESN’T COUNT!) For extra authenticity, dump a beer over your head, and take all the money out of your wallet and burn it. Better yet, donate it to the artists. They need it.

The biggest online Canadian music festival this weekend is the Diesel Bird Digital Music Festival – “a live concert from a safe social distance” – Saturday and Sunday, March 28-29, starting at noon each day. It will stream on Instagram Live. The rootsy, country-ish bill includes Big Sugar (top photo), Wide Mouth Mason, Terri Clark, Edmonton’s own Dungarees, and Carolyn Dawn Johnson, plus a metric tonne of singer-songwriters in what looks like more 50 different acts. Presumably they’re each going to be playing from their respective homes – so the directors are going to have their hands full wrangling 50 different live streaming events over two entire days.

(Now might be a good time to get your Internet tech updated. Step 1: Sign up for Instagram and Facebook, if you haven’t already. You can always delete them later.)

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