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Gordie Johnson pumped about reggae legend Willi Williams playing with Big Sugar - L.A. Beat

Article by Richard Amery

They are touring on a brand new live CD/ DVD. They will be coming to Average Joes, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

"Being on the road is my natural habitat," Johnson said, on the road back from Victoria.

He is excited about the band's first ever live CD, Eliminate Ya. which includes classics like Digging a Hole, and a blues/ gospel/ reggae tinged harmonica powered 10 minute jam on If I Had My Way All Hell For A Basement plus tracks from their latest studio CD Revolution Per Minute.

It was recorded in the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg by the same crew who did the Grady live CD and DVD.

Those guys love us, so they always bring their camera crew to our shows, Johnson enthused adding he was impressed with the video and synched the audio to it.

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