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Gettin' weird with Gordie Johnson and Big Sugar - The Georgia Straight

Article by ADRIAN MACK

THERE WAS THIS one time I saw Gordie Johnson make his guitar say, Fuck you, motherfucker, to some blockhead in the front row at a festival in Saskatchewan. I can't remember what the guy was doing or why he needed to be dispatched so efficiently by a double neck Gibson, but there you go; the message was crystal clear, and totally amazing.

Johnson states that he's made his guitar say a lot of unsayable things over the years. It's not uncommon, he says. My guitar doesn't have a filter on it. It can praise and it can cuss.

In total, Gordie Johnson the guitar player is something of a freak of nature. He commands enough awe that Gibson produced the 'SGJ' signature model SG in his honour. He's also just a freak. Full disclosure: Johnson produced a band I was in about a decade ago, so I know that he has to wear gloves in the studio because his weirdo electrical field shorts out all the gear otherwise. He's not like the rest of us.

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