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Club scene: Big Sugar plays the London Music Hall Thursday - London Free Press

Article by Lori Mastronardi, Special to QMI Agency

If you can’t take an island getaway, a Big Sugar acoustic set is your next best bet.

The seasoned band released Yard Style last April, and it’s filled with rolling, relaxing, percussion-heavy reggae.

The 13-track all-acoustic collection includes the gem Go Tell the World, which is the album’s final track and definitely worth the wait.

This refreshing, stripped-down sound comes from Gordie Johnson, Garry Lowe, Kelly “Mr. Chill” Hoppe, DJ Friendlyness and Stephane “Bodean” Beaudin — who, for this release, also brought on Willi Williams, a Jamaican-born artist who helped influence the album’s sound and has become a semi-permanent fixture of Big Sugar.

Another major inspiration for the album, aside from the sound of the ocean and the “tree frogs whistling away in the distance,” was the omnipresent nyabingi drum. “It’s the first great acoustic instrument,” Johnson says, “that’s the heartbeat sound, you know?”

Big Sugar performs at the London Music Hall Thursday. This is an acoustic show, with seating. Tickets are $35, the show starts at 8 p.m., and this event is reserved for those 19 and over.

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