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Big Sugar: Yard Style - Entertainment One

Article by Scott Wolfe

When you hear the name Big Sugar, generally a big smile will come over your face and you will begin to rehash the 90s and unknowingly start to hum the chorus of “Turn the Lights On.” In their recent release they dial back the rock and dime the dub/reggae influence. Yard Style is not the rock offering people were probably expecting, instead the band have reworked some of their back catalog while smartly peppering new tracks amongst these redone oldies. It is a chilled out, percussion heavy album with vocal harmonies galore, the one downside is the album length, at a whopping 66 minutes this monster sort of drags on. That is a minor setback though, a little sunshine, a BBQ and some form of intoxicant (it is clear what the band prefers) all mix well with this album. Yard Style will certainly be on rotation on patios this summer and it is certainly worth checking out. Reggae aficionados will appreciate the presence of reggae legend Willi Williams, who adds a cool dynamic to some tracks. The slow burning, jam session vibe of this release will certainly win over some fans and it is a nice experiment, instead of the band trying to recreate their 90s heyday.

(Entertainment One, entertainmentone.com)

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