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Big Sugar shows relevance with 'Revolution Per Minute' - The Telegram

There was nothing left for Gordie Johnson to do but literally empty his pockets. The frontman for Canadian blues rockers Big Sugar had been ambling about the freshly flood stained streets of New Orleans, when suddenly he was made to feel like the charity case.

"I was walking in the French Quarter and some dudes came up and asked for  money," Johnson said of his rough welcome to the storm addled jazz and blues haven just a few short weeks after Hurricane Katrina struck.

"They wanted $10. I only had a $20, and I didn't figure they would give me change."

The muggers made off with the crumpled bill. Johnson was left there - sweat soaked, livid and weighing whether or not to retreat back to his adopted Texan abode. But his Big Easy adventure was far from over. In fact it had barely even begun.

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