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Big Sugar is Back - Crave

Canadian rockers will perform two shows at Commodore Ballroom this weekend.

Fans of the band Big Sugar are flocking to Vancouver to catch them in one of two shows, happening this weekend at the Commodore Ballroom.

Performing just prior to the release of their live CD/DVD "Eliminate Ya!," hitting stores on October 23rd, Big Sugar is not only known for their unique sound but also their incredible live stage performances. The group has a storied past - together for more than a decade (between 1991 and 2004), they reunited in 2010 and, a year later, released "Revolution Per Minute," their sixth studio album since their debut self-titled album came out back in '91. Led by Gordie Johnson on guitar and vocals, Big Sugar consists of Kelly Mr. Chill Hoppe on harmonica and saxophone, Garry Lowe on bass, Stephane Bodean Beaudin on drums, and Friendlyness, who besides keyboards handles toasting duties for the band.

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