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Big Sugar Goes Yardstyle with New Album - Interview at Lithium Magazine

Article by Jim Barber

In the opinion of one of Canada’s most prolific and gifted practitioners of the art, music has always been about impacting one’s heart, soul, and spirit.

That’s the guiding principle behind every note strummed, penned and sung by Gordie Johnson ever since his days as a teenaged bass prodigy in Windsor, Ontario in the late 1970s and continues to shape his path well into the 21st century.

Although he became a household name in Canada through his blues and reggae infused rock music throughout the 1990s and early 2000s as the founder of Big Sugar, Johnson’s compulsion to create, record and perform music was never commercially based – it was always from the heart and soul and for the heart and soul.

Through a variety of projects in recent years, Johnson dedicated his prodigious musical and songwriting talents to exploring the rootsier music that has always been at the heart of his emotional and spiritual core. Most prominent has been the ‘sacred steel’ Gospel duo Sit Down! Servant as well as some of Big Sugar’s recent work since it’s reformation in 2010.  The band’s impending new album, Yardstyle, to be released April 15, is an acoustic re-visitation of Big Sugar’s songs and sounds unlike what many of the band’s fans would expect.

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