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Big Sugar focused on the future - Regina Leader

Unique band hits Regina this week

Article by Chelan Skulski

Big Sugar has no intention of getting out of the music business anytime  soon.

After a six-year hiatus ended last year, the rock band went full speed ahead  in the recording studio and emerged with Revolution Per Minute. After releasing  the album in June, Big Sugar is currently on a crossCanada tour in support of  the disc.

Although Big Sugar has produced six albums since 1988, the band is hopeful that  fans will be particularly pleased with their newest album. Gordie Johnson, the  band's lead guitarist, stated in a recent telephone interview that the new album  provides a vigour that will charge their live performances more so than in the  past. Revolution Per Minute, which features singles such as Little Bit A All  Right, If I Were Heaven and True Believers, picks up on the storyline from the  band's last recording in 2003.

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