Big Sugar have released their latest album “Eternity Now” as well as the 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of “Hemi-Vision”. They boldly go forth in 2022 with more new music and vinyl re-issues of “Five Hundred Pounds” (US Edition) from Third Man Records and “Heated” on Universal Music.


In the 90s Big Sugar emerged clad in Hugo Boss suits as the antithesis to the grunge esthetic with a unique combination of Jamaican rhythms, Blues tonality and heavy Rock aggression. Their platinum selling releases dominated the airwaves and highways with songs like “Diggin A Hole”, “The Scene”, “Turn The Lights On” and “Ride Like Hell”. Their Roots Rock Reggae style has built a loyal following, earning Big Sugar a Road Gold Award as they continue to sell out concerts across North America. As a guitar player Gordie Johnson continues to influence a new generation of young guitarists as well as peers.


Over the past year and a half Big Sugar entertained a loyal army of fans online with anecdotes from a storied career: encounters with The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, RUSH, heroes and villains. Tales of triumph and disaster told with impeccable comedic timing, all brought to the online audience.


2021 closes out with a “One Man Big Sugar Show- The Acoustical Sounds of Gordie Johnson” tour. While 2014 saw the highly successful album and soldout tour “Yardstyle- The Acoustical Sounds of Big Sugar”, this will be a far more intimate presentation. Acoustic Blues served up by one of Canada’s all time great guitarists, GJ’s sardonic wit will make for an evening of irreverent laughter and a truly memorable experience.



Blues-rock reggae-fusion outfit Big Sugar sweetens the avenues with Eternity Now, the band's first album in five years. The disc includes a punchy cover of Gary Wright's "Love Is Alive." 

- Music Canada