dear m.f. (EP)



1. Dear Mr. Fantasy 05:05

2. Goodbye Train 04:45

3. Motherless Children 04:18

4. A Night in Tunisia 04:02

5. Leadbelly ( Dub) 07:36

Produced by Gordie Johnson and Peter Prilesnik Engineered by Peter Prilesnik

All songs recorded at Presence Sound and Mixed at Metalworks except “Leadbelly” recorded by Live Wire and Mixed at Metalworks Dear Mr. Fantasy: Executive Producer – Dan Gallagher (honourary M.F.); Mixed by Gordie Johnson and Alfio Annibalini Goodbye Train and Motherless Children: Mixed by Gordie Johnson and L. Stue Young A Night In Tunisia: Mixed by Gordie Johnson and Alfio Annibalini Leadbelly (dub): Additional Engineering by Doug McClement; Mixed by Alkaline and L. Stu Young

Notes: 5 track with Gordie Johnson, Kelly Hoppe, Al Cross, Patrick Ballantyne, Stich Wynston and first appearance by Garry Lowe (Greetings). First Big Sugar dub experiment “Leadbelly (dub)” mixed by AlKaline and L. Stu Young.

Dear Mr. Fantasy (S. Winwood, J. Capaldi, C.Wood) listen Goodbye Train (G.Johnson) listen Motherless Children (Traditional, arr. by G.Johnson) listen A Night In Tunisia (J.Gillespie, F.Paparelli) listen Leadbelly (G.Johnson, K.Hoppe, G.Lowe, R.Wynston) listen

Released September 22, 1995.

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