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1. Le Vainqueur 04:56

2. Nashville Grass 03:48

3. Elle Est Passee 04:04

4. Tina Gasolina 04:02

5. (Loin D'etre) Over 03:32

6. La Bombe 04:06

7. Bump On The Head 04:12

8. Lost And Found 03:54

9. Buste 03:58

10.Harmonie 04:12

11.L'Oiseau Reggae 03:14

12.A Ni (Pom Pom) 04:05

Brothers and Sisters, Êtes Vous Ready? by Big Sugar is a French language album released concurrently with a separate album containing English language versions of the same song named Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready? It also has 4 songs found only on the French release - "La Bombe", "Busté", "Harmonie" and "À nu (Pom Pom)".

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Produced by Gordie Johnson

Engineers: Darius Szczepaniak, Dan Kurtz
Additional Recording by: Big Ben Richardson, Scott Lake
Recorded at: The Bakery and Phase One Audio Group, Toronto, Canada Mixed at: Phase One Audio Group, Toronto, Canada

Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York

Art Direction: Gordie Johnson and Smart Media, Toronto, Canada

Photography: James “Bizi” Dittiger (live photo) / Margaret Malandruccolo (portrait)

Music performed by:
Gordie Johnson: vocals, guitar, bass
Garry Lowe: bass, vocals
Kelly “Mr. Chill” Hoppe: keyboards, sax, harmonica, vocals
Al Cross: King of the drums Mojah: rhythm guitar, vocals
All dubwise extension by AlKaline

Additional vocals by Molly Johnson, Whitey Don, Patrick Ballantyne Additional Horns: Rich I-Sax, Maxi-Bone, Joe Public
Additional Keyboards: Eric Yealland
DJ on “We Could Live”: Mick Sleeper

Dedicated to the memory of Danny Gallagher. Extra Long Life.

Released July 3, 2001.